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Public Channel

Comcast 8 | Verizon 41

Our Public channel contains most of the original programming that is created by our staff as well as other members of the community. Anyone can submit a show to be on our channels (preference to locally originated content).

Public Channel: Town events, parades, lectures, presentations, elementary school events (FK and HOD), talk shows, public interest shows, church services and shows, etc.

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Education Channel

Comcast 12 | Verizon 40

The Education channel is at KP channel that is programmed and broadcast by Wrentham Cable Access. The schedule can be seen by clicking the link below!

Education Channel: KP sports, KP and Tri-County school committee meetings, etc.

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Government Channel

Comcast 22 | Verizon 42

The Government channel hosts coverage of local government meetings. All public government meetings are able to be recorded, but the list below are the ones that our staff records regularly. If you're interested in having other meetings covered or in covering them yourself, please contact our staff and we'll do everything we can to make that happen! Meetings that are held at the Town Hall in room 124 may also go out live on our channel. Our goal is always to provide access to nonpartisan coverage of local politics and events.

Government Channel: School Committee (elementary), Zoning Board of Appeals, Advisory Board, Planning Board, Board of Health, Conservation Commission, Board of Selectmen, Public Safety Building Committee, Town Meetings, etc.

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Head to the government page for more info on local government meeting coverage.


If you live in Norfolk, MA and subscribe to cable television on Comcast or Verizon, you can watch our channels right on your TV!



  • Public - Channel 8
  • Education - Channel 12 (rebroadcast from Wrentham)
  • Government - Channel 22


  • Education - Channel 40 (rebroadcast from Wrentham)
  • Public - Channel 41
  • Government - Channel 42


Almost all of the new content that is being created at NCTV or by NCTV members is uploaded to our YouTube channel in all of its high definition glory!

These videos can be viewed online or even on your TV if it has smart capabilities or a smart device connected. If you have questions about how to set it up so you can watch on your TV, feel free to give us a call and we'll walk you through it!

In addition to our current videos, we are also in the process of archiving our old videos from 1986 through about 2012. As these are transferred from their original tape formats, we're uploading them to their very own YouTube channel!


If you're looking for a more permanent viewing solution and want to add a video or two to your own collection, we also sell copies of most programs on DVD and/or a flash drive as a digital file. Fill out the form below to submit your request!

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