With sincere apologies to Clemet C. Moore.

T’was the night before solstice

And all thru the yard,

The plants were all sleeping,

The ground frozen hard.

The gardens were ready before the snow fell,

The tender things found and mulched very well

Straw on the berries and the garlic bulbs, too,

The rest has been picked; no more there to do.

Plant pots


Then I in my jacket and Bud in his fur,

Searched all the holly where berries occur

We trimmed all the pines and other things too,

To use for creations - some old and some new.

With arms full of cuttings, decorating the place,

Containers of greens the walkways now grace.

Across all the rooftops the snowflakes they flew,

Soon covering gardens with snow mulch anew.

The shovels are ready, and so is some sand.

The skis and the snowshoes are also on hand.

Indoor plants

And just as I think that there’s nothing to do,

I go in the house and my house plants I view.

Divide all the cuttings and pinch them with love,

Some are watered below, some watered above.

Check on the bulbs kept dormant and cool.

Let them sleep until spring, that‘s the best rule.

More rapid than eagles the catalogs came,

I dreamed of new plants as I called them by name:

Arugula, dahlias, tomatoes and dill, some short and some tall.

Oh, which should I choose? I just ordered them all!

Gardening magazines
Winter in Norfolk

As the winter wears on, a fresh garden year dawns,

I wish you great gardens, nice flowers and lawns,

As the days start to lengthen to bring us more light,

Happy solstice to all!  May your New Year be bright!


- Liz Davey