Self-quarantining? Social distancing? Feeling cooped up? We’ve got some ideas to help you spend the time…

The Coronavirus pandemic has officially reshaped life as we know it. With schools shuttered, sporting & entertainment events cancelled, people having to work from home, you might be going a little stir-crazy at this point. And with Governor Baker extending the stay-at-home advisory through May 4, we still have a lot of time before things can go back to “normal.” Here are some ideas to help keep you busy.

Utilize the Boston Public Library’s great online services… for free!

While going to the library in-person is out of the question, the Boston Public Library offers a slew of online services. If you’re a Massachusetts resident you can register for an eCard that will give you access to an amazing amount and variety of content. This includes large collections of streaming and downloadable content such as magazines, books, audiobooks, newspapers, TV shows & movies. Your library membership will also give you free access to, an immensely valuable resource for online courses to improve your business, software, technology and creative skills. To sign up for an eCard click here.

Host a Netflix viewing party.

If you’re getting bored with binge watching Netflix on your own, then why not host a Netflix viewing party with friends or family. There is a free browser extension for Google Chrome called “Netflix Party” that allows you to synchronize video playback amongst your “party goers.” It even adds a group chat to the side so you can all discuss what’s going on. We recommend trying out the insane Tiger King docuseries! To install this extension, visit While the extension is free, you do all have to already be subscribed to Netflix.

Take a virtual museum tour.

Thanks to today’s technology, you don’t have to leave your home to visit a museum. Download the Google Arts & Culture app to your phone to experience a ton of cool features crammed into this app. Take virtual tours of museums across the world, curate your own collections and share them with friends, zoom in extremely close to see the details of your favorite pieces, see artwork in real size in your home with VR, or even take a picture of yourself to discover portraits that look like you.

Start an at-home workout routine.

It’s tough to stay active when you are confined to your house, but it can certainly kill the boredom. offers hundreds of free workout videos, healthy recipes and informative articles for every fitness level.

Try meditation.

It’s never a good idea to neglect your mental health, but during this time people are sure to be stressed out or needing outlets to keep from going crazy. Try meditation! Apps such as Headspace and Calm can work wonders.

BONUS TIP : Spend some time catching up on all of your favorite NCTV programs!

Since some people find YouTube to have a slightly confusing interface (I’ve heard this more often that not) or are not totally familiar with how it works. We created a page for each recurring NCTV television program so you can enjoy the quality content we believe our station broadcasts. CLICK HERE to view full archives of our program’s shows. Or of course you can always head over to our YouTube channel to see every single video we upload: NCTV YouTube.