Are you looking to get the word out about a nonprofit event, cause, or group? We offer a number of promotional opportunities to nonprofits in our area! All events or groups must be not-for-profit and no laws may be infringed upon (copyright, libel and slander, advertisements, etc.).

Bulletin Board

Create a static or animated landscape flyer for our digital bulletin board that will run in between programs on our cable channels.


Do it Yourself

Flyers should be 16 x 9 orientation, include key information and a way to find out more information (website, e-mail, phone number, etc.), and be fun and easily readable! We're happy to provide templates in a variety of programs if you'd like.


Ask for Help

We're always available to help create one or re-work a standard flyer that you might already have. It will take a bit longer to get it up on the channel and is a first-come-first-serve project for us, but we're happy to help nonetheless!


To submit a bulletin or to send over information/ask for assistance, please email our Program Coordinator, Andrew Barker, at

Physical Flyer

Stop by with a physical flyer and we’ll gladly hang it up in our community window.

This has great visibility at 158 Main St to anyone who is walking by, waiting for the train, or otherwise visiting our awesome neighbors. In fact, we see people stop and read the flyers every day!

If we aren't here to accept your flyer, feel free to drop it in our mail slot to the right of our doors (one perk of this space's previous life as a video store!). 

Public Service Announcement

Schedule a time to come in and record a short 30 second - 2 minute PSA to get the word out about your club/organization/event! The video will be played between shows on the channels and be uploaded to YouTube for easy sharing wherever you’d like!

To see some examples of what other nonprofits have created for PSAs, check out our YouTube playlist!

Feature Length Show

As an organization that relies on our community for video content, we have a number of proud local producers who might be interested in interviewing a member of your nonprofit about the organization or upcoming event.

If you'd rather create your own show, we're happy to facilitate that as well! Shows usually fall into the under 30 min or under 60 min category and can be a one-time show or a series (bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly - your choice). 

Training Sessions

One-on-one or Group Training Sessions encourage a volunteer or group of volunteers to get training on our easy-to-use video equipment so they can film and edit your events and preserve the memories for years to come! This is especially helpful when next year's annual event comes around because you'll have awesome video to use in a new PSA or promo!

We often are asked to cover events as staff and we can only accomodate a limited number based on staffing and budget. Having a volunteer trained is a great way to be sure your events will be covered!

Social Media For Non-Profits

At NCTV, we believe local nonprofits are stronger and make more of a difference when they working together. We want to help create tighter bonds between organizations and foster a more active and local social media environment for all.

In 2017, NCTV conducted research and testing surrounding social media to discover what is reaching our Norfolk audience. After analyzing the data generated, our staff put together a presentation called Purposeful Social Media for the Nonprofit World. This presentation was created to help our fellow Norfolk nonprofits better connect with their audience as well.

Our goal is to work with each nonprofit individually. We can host the workshop here at our studio or at a designated nearby location of your choosing. The presentation takes about 1-1.5 hours. Some presentation topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identifying target audiences
  • Choosing which social media tools to use
  • Cultivating your brand and using your voice
  • Setting goals and analyzing results
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Creating videos specifically for social media
  • Best practices for video on a variety of platforms

This is a free community-building activity we hope will benefit each nonprofit individually as well as strengthen the web of support among our neighborhood nonprofits!

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