This resource is to help our community find and share information about our local government. NCTV serves as a conduit for information to residents and does not take a stance on any political or governmental issues. If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this page, please reach out to Katy at katy@norfolkcable.com.


Public government meetings are required to be posted at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before they convene. To see a full list of upcoming meetings, head on over to My Town Government via the button below. You can also sign up for e-mail alerts for individual boards by clicking on the board and choosing 'Subscribe to Email Alerts for this board' just under the list of board members.

For information and documentation on Norfolk boards, visit the town's website and hover over 'Boards and Committees' to view by each board. Click the button below to land on the Town Clerk's page where you can also find general information.


NCTV offers nonpartisan coverage of government meetings as a service to the town. Click the button below to see the guidelines our staff follows and what to expect from our coverage.

To see the calendar of what we're planning on covering, click the button below to be directed to Google Calendar. Please note that only meetings scheduled in room 124 are able to go out live on our channels at this time.

Is there a meeting coming up that should be covered but isn't on our calendar? Please use the form below to alert us to best make accommodations to cover. Residents are also allowed to cover meetings on their own if we are unable to accommodate. Read our government meeting coverage expectations document to learn more. Request coverage below.



NCTV broadcasts playback of government meetings in Norfolk, MA (and some surrounding towns for Verizon customers).

COMCAST - Channel 22

VERIZON - Channel 42

To see the auto-generated schedule, click the button on the left.

We also upload all meetings (and most regular programming) to our YouTube channel for on-demand viewing. To browse the government playlist, click the button to the left.

We gladly make DVD or file copies for those interested in archiving their own collection. Copies are $10 each (or $5 for just a file transfer to your own drive). E-mail or call to request a copy.

The Town of Norfolk is committed to giving residents access to public records and the Town Clerk's office has been diligently digitizing and organizing. Assistant Town Clerk, Anthony Turi, is the appointed 'Records Access Officer' for Norfolk and your main contact for obtaining records. For more information and to request records, click the button below. You are guarenteed to get a response within 10 business days of your request.

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All of NCTV's recordings of meetings are licensed under Creative Commons which means you are free to use sections of the videos to create your own show, too. Let your opinion be heard and share your knowledge with your community. All opinions and viewpoints are welcome. We just ask that you reference in your video that the full meeting can be viewed and tell your audience how to access the full-length meetings so they can dig deeper if they so choose.

For more information, to set up a time to record, or to submit a video you made at home, just contact us!


Public boards are bound to certain restrictions by the Open Meeting Law. Below is a link to the law as well as additional resources to help digest the information.

Open Meeting Law: https://www.mass.gov/the-open-meeting-law

Many boards choose to use Robert's Rules of Order to govern their meetings. This helps keep order and flow throughout the meeting.

Robert's Rules of Order: http://www.rulesonline.com/index.html

Norfolk's Town Bylaws is an important document to reference when understanding Town Government. The Town Clerk has the document available on her page, and we've also included it below for easy access.

Norfolk Town Bylaws: http://norfolk.ma.us/assets/files/departments/town-clerk/town-bylaws-december-2017.pdf