Tape To Digital Transfers


Dust off your old video tapes and bring them into the digital age! NCTV offers video tape to digital transfers so you can store, share, and watch to your heart's content! Save those memories before the tapes degrade and are lost forever.

Want to know what is on the tape before you commit to transferring it? Use the rack for free to preview your content before deciding (donations are accepted!).


We can accommodate the following tape formats: VHS, Mini-DV, DVC Pro & Hi8. We cannot transfer 8mm Data Tapes or reel-to-reel.


DO IT YOURSELF: $3 an hour of equipment use. Spend quality time with your tapes after a short training from our staff for this super low rate!

HIRE US: $10 per hour of tape ($5/tape minimum). Leave your tapes with our staff and we'll transfer them for you!


You are required to provide your own storage options for your new files. We recommend purchasing your own portable USB external hard drive or online storage. We're happy to discuss options if you are unfamiliar. Each hour of transferred footage is typically around 3GB.

VHS tapes