Personal reflection into the challenges I’ve faced during this time and the lessons I learned

I know what you’re thinking… we go again, another pandemic blog post. But hear me out and give this read a chance because maybe, just maybe, my words can help you find the light you’ve been searching for. In this post, I am going to speak honestly and truthfully about my situation to reach you more personally. 

In the last three weeks, I’ve had three circumstances fall under my plate which has affected me on a profound level. All of which, I had no control over. 

1) Continuing to try and find someone to sublease my apartment to and the financial stress of that. 2) I got into an accident, thank goodness everyone is okay, but my car was totaled. Although I was not at fault, my reaction was still that of, “are you kidding me.” 3) I Haven’t seen my girlfriend in over four months and found out I’ll have to wait six more months for the chance to maybe see her again. 

“Do not deny the moment. Resisting the moment that is will only create more anxiety.” -Oprah

One situation, followed by another, then “why not one more for the hell of it,” said the universe. Despite my curiosity and exposure to mindfulness, meditation, yoga, self-help, and all the resources I had available to me, I was identifying with the agony of fear, worry, and guilt. Even though all of the situations were out of my control, they would continue to haunt me. I would wake up and remain in a constant state of angst, demotivation, and disempowerment. I felt like for the first time in my life, I was in a deep shadow of despair I couldn’t climb out of. 

Thankfully though, I’ve come to a few realizations and valuable life lessons that I hope all of you can apply to your lives.

It is not how you REACT, it is how you RESPOND. I had every right to be the victim of my circumstances but how does that help my situation? Nothing positive can manifest from that center of attention. Only more frustration and trepidation will result from such thoughts. Instead, ask yourself, “what I can do, right now, to change?” 

“If you ask an empowering question you’ll get an answer to rise above the muck.”-Dr. Michael Beckwith

Secondly, stop trying to control everything. Trying to control outcomes, which are out of your hands, leads to more worry. The uneasiness will consume you and hold you down in a position where nothing can be fixed. Learn to accept what is and see what resources are available to respond.   

Next, fall out of your head and sink into your heart. The power of love is an amazing vibration that fills up your being and makes you feel elevated. In that state of mind, everything else trickles from there and you’re able to deal with what’s urgent in your life with clarity. Fear only binds one down while love raises you. To reach this center, I would meditate and visualize my heart center opening up and imagine a beautiful white light surrounding me. I’d surrender to the feeling, let go, and bring the awareness into my waking life. 

Lastly, seek guidance from your mentors, friends, and family. Please don’t feel like you’re being a burden. The people who truly care for you want nothing more than to see you grow and flourish in life. The guidance is coming from an outside perspective that will bring a fresh set of solutions.  

Above all, don’t let negative circumstances define you. Don’t let the egoic mind attach itself to the problem and let you form an identity from it. If a negative feeling does arise, feel it, accept it as part of your humanness, and step out of your skin with a compassionate heart. Take some deep breaths, begin problem-solving, and watch yourself emerge out of the mud.