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Creating memories, experiences, and friendships. Norfolk Wine & Spirits opened their doors on Valentine’s Day, 2013 at 206 Dedham St. A former engineer, owner Bikram Singh decided to forge a new journey, that would be driven not by profit but by his passion for learning and sharing with others. This is what lead him to create a unique store in which the propelling force driving its growth is the belief that the finer things in life must be savored. “I want to educate people… I’m spreading the gospel of whiskey,” he recently told Wicked Local.

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With over 1,400 different bottles of Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, and World Whisky, he likely has the largest selection of independent bottles in the North Eastern United States. Norfolk Wine and Spirits has become a destination for many serious whiskey drinkers. He has customers travel from as far as Canada and Japan, just to get their hands on the exclusive products he carries. The often hard-to-find products that stock the store are not the only thing that separate it from your typical liquor store. Bikram is an always enthusiastic, uplifting and contagious dreamer who has crafted this sanctuary of a liquor store into what it is today and what it will grow into tomorrow.

Take for example a look at just how rare we are talking on their Instagram post embedded below. For a backstory on how Bikram was able to get his hands on this bottle, watch the whisky tasting video at the bottom of the page.

As a serious whiskey connoisseur, he’s always eager to help customers find the right choice of whiskey and/or spirit, as he wants that customer to enjoy the product’s sensory experience or try something new. Don’t like whiskey? Well, he might try to change your mind and lead you to a whiskey he finds to be just as sweet and palatable as wine, BUT the store also boasts the best selections of beer, wine, whiskey, and liquor in the state. In fact, Bikram claims that his love of wine exceeds that of his love for whisky! Over the past two years he has launched a serious effort to upgrade and expand his wine program. Space and volume limit his ability to compete with the big chains on price, but he makes up for that by offering varietals that are harder to find in those bigger outlets, and he is committed to helping grow wine business the same way he did his spirits business - a focus on offerings that will expand the horizons for the local wine community.

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Just this year, NWS has conducted well over 100 events- both virtual and in-person. These events are incredibly entertaining, educational, and delicious (not to mention extremely affordably priced for what you receive in return). You get to meet the people behind the brands of the products he sells and the amount of knowledge that is provided during his events is incredible- from histories of generations of agave farmers to the reason that location so heavily influences that sip of wine you last took. As an exemplary small business owner, Bikram has helped strengthen the deep sense of community in Norfolk, bringing diverse groups of people together that lead to new experiences and friendships. After the first time meeting Bikram, you will feel like you’re old friends. In addition to supporting a growing list of local organizations and non-profits, Bikram has been a very generous partner to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors raffle, wanting to ensure he contributed a donation to every week's raffle. It’s no wonder Whiskey Advocate referred to him as “a paragon of generosity.” If you’ve never been to Norfolk Wine & Spirits, drop in and say hello… all of the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

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