Neighbors Helping Neighbors: That’s a Wrap



NHN - General PosterNCTV and the Norfolk Lions teamed up to host a series of online raffles with goods and services donated by Norfolk businesses/organizations/individuals! 100% of the proceeds of this raffle will go directly to Norfolk residents in need who have either been hit hard by COVID-19 or are facing other hardships.

We launched our first raffle on April 18, 2021, ran for 13 consecutive weeks, and went out with a bang July 10, 2021: at 3 pm, with Foundryy generously donated a $100 gift card to NINE individual local restaurants!

Thank you to all of the generous donors, everyone who worked on this project, and of course all of those who purchased raffle tickets and/or spread the word around town.

With the love, generosity, and compassion shown by this amazing community... we were all able to come together to raise over $10,500 that will directly go to supporting Norfolk families who need some extra help. Additionally, we hope that we were able to bring some well-deserved attention to all of the businesses who found it in their heart to contribute to the community even during such uncertain times. It was an uplifting experience to witness from beginning to end.

From Norfolk Community Television, The Norfolk Lions, and every single person who played a role in making this fundraiser successful... THANK YOU!!

Total money raised for Norfolk