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After a rough year for everyone, NCTV & the Norfolk Lions joined forces to launch a project with one main goal: to assist in bringing back that vibrant, close-knit community that is so ingrained in Norfolk. Over 50 local businesses, organizations, and residents have come together to participate in a series of weekly raffles, made possible by their incredibly generous donations.

Norfolk church

All proceeds from this raffle will go directly to Norfolk residents who are in need of some assistance due to COVID or other hardships. We hope to lift spirits and reaffirm that everyone belongs and matters in this community.

Norfolk library

We urge all residents to continue supporting our local businesses as frequently as possible, adding value to the local quality of life here in Norfolk for everybody. As the Lions say… where there is a need, there is a Lion. NCTV is here to serve as well- and we're deeply honored to work with the Lions for the betterment of our beautiful town. It also says a lot about our town's residents & businesses when nearly 60 establishments & individuals have come out to make significant amounts of donations, especially given the current economic climate.


We hope you will participate in each weekly raffle in order to help our town's community grow stronger together. One town. One community.

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One of the main goals of the Norfolk Lions Club is to add value to the local quality of life here in Norfolk. Events like Christmas Tree Sales, the Santa Parade, Community Day, Polar Plunge, Chili Fest, and the Haunted Train Ride are just a few of many events sponsored by the Norfolk Lions. These annual traditions are excellent examples of how "we serve" our community.



NCTV is proud to be a creator and facilitator of free speech through digital media. We aim to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech in any democracy- and to celebrate that freedom by empowering community members with accessible media so all who seek to can have their voices heard. NCTV encourages local dialogue, increases discourse around policy issues, fosters an understanding of local cultures, and shares information to improve the lives of our fellow Norfolk neighbors.

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