Mindfulness and yoga go hand in hand. One of our community producers, Ginny Dorn hosts yoga lessons regularly via Zoom that you can either participate in yourself or watch on our channel. Below is a playlist of her quickly growing number of episodes and under that, we ask her a few questions about Yoga and NCTV. I definitely recommend watching "Yoga With Ginny" if you are into yoga or might want to give it a try!

Hi Ginny, can you tell us a little about yourself?
I began taking yoga classes as a way to begin an exercise plan.  I wanted something that would help me build strength, but not be too invasive on my joints as well as help me with stress relief.  I worked in the Financial Services industry for 40 years prior to my retirement.  My first yoga class was over 20 years ago and I began teaching yoga 15 years ago.  The style of yoga I teach is called "Hatha" yoga.  Ha - means sun; tha - means moon and is intended to unite opposites and bring balance to your life.  In addition, my practice is influenced by the Iyengar style of yoga which focuses on proper alignment and the use of props.  Props typically include blocks, a yoga strap, and a yoga mat and maybe even a chair.  I like to have fun in class, bring something new each week and try to interact with each person in the class.


What's the purpose of, or point in doing yoga?
Yoga is a discipline that is thousands & thousands of years old.  While the purpose/point of yoga is different for everyone, the benefits are the same.  Yoga brings awareness to the mind and body and teaches us how to quiet the mind from all the "chatter" in our heads and uses our own body weight to build strength and then flexibility.


Who can participate in yoga as a discipline?
Anyone of any age can practice yoga.  The Norfolk Senior Center is currently offering my classes on Monday's & Thursday's at 10am, for 1 hour.  The Monday class is Yoga with Weights and Thursday is Gentle Yoga class.  To participate in classes through the Norfolk Senior Center a person would need to be a member and let the Center staff know they'd like to join the class.  We then add them to our email distribution list and send out links to Zoom Virtual Classes.

Another approach is to find a school that offers a variety of class types.  For example, "gentle" for new students or those that may want to take things a bit easy and then "all levels" which is for students that have been practicing for a while.  When a new student enters a class the teacher should ask some basic questions regarding the students' physical condition.  For example, it would be important for me to know if the student has any injuries so that I may offer modifications.

Anyone considering yoga as a discipline should not be dissuaded because they have a bad knee or sore shoulder or bad back.   Practicing Yoga can help to improve the health of knees, shoulders, backs and more.


What are the benefits of practicing yoga?
Improved flexibility, muscle strength, improves your posture, prevents cartilage & joint breakdown, protects your spine, increases blood flow and bone strength,  supports the immune system, up your heart rate and decrease blood pressure, helps to improve your focus and balance, releases tension & helps to improve your sleep.  There are many, many more benefits and the more you practice, the better you feel.  This is just a short list.


What would you say to convince someone to try yoga who has never done it before?
Most people say "I can't do yoga, because I'm not flexible."  You don't need to be flexible or know the poses to give it a try.  You are coming to class to learn the poses and flexibility will come.  We all start at the same point.  I tell people they will never know if they like yoga unless they try a class.  I give very specific instructions and when physically present give encouraging assistance to ensure proper pose alignment.  I am also available to teach private classes if someone isn't ready to do a group class.


Do you think NCTV is important for the community?
Yes, I think it's important to offer various outlets for the community to maintain their sense of being connected.  Especially in this time of pandemic, having NCTV as an outlet is of utmost importance.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I look at each of my classes as an opportunity to connect with people I may never have had the chance to meet.  Yoga has been an important part of my physical and mental well being for many years.  I feel privileged being able to share my love for this discipline with others.