Are you getting enough sleep? Having trouble sleeping? Some background noise just might do the trick in helping you get some shut-eye. A National Sleep Foundation poll from 2012 found that 5% of Americans use some sort of sleep machine, smart device app, fan, etc to assist them in falling asleep. If you're having trouble sleeping, give it a shot for a few nights... I use my sound machine every single night (though I prefer the thunderstorm sound- it's the same idea). HINT: Right click this video and select loop to keep the video playing.

Why does this help?

  1. The white noise helps drown out sounds that otherwise might be intrusive or annoying. This constant white noise serves almost like a barrier, keeping your brain at ease with your surroundings. This is a large component of how it helps you fall asleep, keeps your mind from wandering or worrying.
  2. Sleep routine. Every medical professional will tell you that having a routine before bed will help trigger your brain to let it know that it's time to go to sleep. Incorporate this into your sleep regimen.
  3. It creates a cocoon of sorts, that helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. If you do wake up, the comforting noise will often help you fall back asleep quicker.


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