Mindfulness Monday: MLK Day

Mindfulness and Equality

Mindfulness refers to being fully present with a vivid awareness of one's surroundings, one’s own emotions, and thoughts, which leads to the fostering of self-awareness and compassion. Through mindfulness we can learn to observe our own biases, broaden our awareness, and let go of false learned convictions.

According to Susan L. Smalley Ph.D, mindfulness "cultivates an essence of equality; it arises in the increased consciousness that we are interdependent or interconnected and that each element of this whole is of vital importance." in her article Mindfulness and Equality


In his 2007 book The Mindful Brain, psychiatrist Daniel Siegel points out that when we put the automatic process of the brain on hold through mindfulness, we free up an abundance of energy that can be used to discover different perspectives, enhance creativity, and encourage novel thinking. This practice, he writes, can help us cultivate patience, generosity, and love. (EDW)