Looking for something to binge-watch this weekend? "Stateless" on Netflix is a six-part mini-series you will not be able to stop watching.

The series is based on the true story of the life of Cornelia Rau, a former flight attendant who spent 10 months illegally imprisoned in an Australian immigration detention center. Her case sparked a much needed national dialogue about the cruel and highly flawed immigration system. For once there was outrage from people who were able to see what was being done to someone like them, instead of “the other,” or asylum seekers fleeing war-torn countries or other life-threatening situations simply in search of a better life.

The series takes her story and tells it in a dark, dramatic fashion in an attempt to harness some of the outrage the real story of the unsanitary, corrupted, detention centers that asylum seekers often are doomed to remain indefinitely. While it may seem like a politically charged story, it doesn’t exactly succeed in depicting the atrocities these asylum seekers actually face to the degree that I would have liked, but it doesn't fail either. It does however prove to be highly entertaining, focusing on the emotional and conflicting situations the main characters find themselves in- on both sides of the fence.