My pick for this week's "Media That Matters" is the new Netflix docuseries "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich." It's a disturbing watch, enraging even... but something that needs to be seen. I'm sure everyone is aware of the now deceased and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, but he has been on the radar and it was known in many circles exactly what he was doing. This story is one of the biggest perversions of justice in our time. I won't get into any of the conspiracy theories, because that's a rabbit hole you'll regret going down... but I will say that there were many powerful people, many enablers, many co-conspirators, and many who looked the other way... allowing this vile person to victimize countless young girls and women.

This series touches the surface of how power and money can allow you to get away with anything. It introduces you to the basics of what went on within his extravagant townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (which he suspiciously acquired for $0) to his private island (dubbed "Pedophile Island"), and beyond. The series includes interviews with former associates and chilling deposition footage from Epstein's first run-in with the law years ago. But mainly, it focuses on the stories told by the survivors themselves who were brave enough to appear on screen to tell their stories and explain some of the methods he used to acquire and traffic so many underage girls.