Internships align perfectly with the mission and goals of NCTV. We strive to educate the public on tools that help deliver messages to a bigger audience. By inviting high school and college students to participate in an internship we will be giving even more people the skills necessary to promote the sharing of ideas.

We currently offer the three internships listed below, but we are happy to help curate a personal volunteer plan to help you gather the skills and experience that you seek.

For more information, please contact us.

Production Internship

Hours per week: 10-20 hrs/wk

Job grade level: Internship, Unpaid, College Credit available

Job description: Interns will assist with the production needs of NCTV, with an opportunity to create their own original productions as well. Interns will learn skills to produce content in the field, and in the studio - including public service announcements, local event coverage, talk shows, and more. Beyond video production skills, interns will have the opportunity to learn about editing and the post production process.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively with staff to create meaningful content.
  • Encourage freedom of speech and expression of self.
  • Create original programming to share with the community.
  • Learn best practices for use and management of equipment for field and studio shoots.
  • Assist other nonprofits with creating PSAs.
  • Assist volunteer producers with their shows.

Job Requirements: While it would be useful to have some experience with video production and editing software, it is not required and we are happy to teach a motivated individual. This internship is ideal for someone who is organized, creative, and interested in community media.

Education/Experience: Some knowledge of video production and editing software recommended. Able to work well with the public.

Physical Demands: Lifting and moving equipment usually under 50lbs. Standing or sitting for long periods. Occasionally filming outdoors where conditions can vary.

Video Archive Internship

Hours per week: 10-20 hrs/wk

Job grade level: Internship, Unpaid, College Credit available

Job Description: Interns will assist with the transfer of various media including VHS, DVD, Hi-8, Mini-DV, and more. The purpose of transferring this media is to create a digital version of the NCTV archival materials. Along with watching the transfer to ensure it has digitized accurately, an intern is expected to take notes, describe the video, title it, add tags, and organize it for uploading to our YouTube channel. Some interest in research is beneficial, as certain archival media may not have labels or dates, and being savvy enough to find this information is helpful.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Transfer media to digital files.
  • Understand what methods are appropriate based on the type of media being transferred.
  • Work independently most of the time.
  • Use resources from internet searches to town residents to source information about the media when not available otherwise.
  • Organization should be something you enjoy.
  • Title, tag, and sort videos with information that is relevant and will help others find it.

Job Requirements: Knowledge of different forms of media like mini-dv, VHS, etc. is helpful but not necessary. Being highly organized and paying attention to detail is imperative. This is basically data entry, so being able to sit for long periods to observe and describe media is essential.

Education/Experience: Will train the right person, no experience necessary.

Physical Demands: Sitting and looking at computer/video monitors for long periods.

Marketing and Event Planning Internship

Hours per week: 10-20 hrs/wk

Job grade level: Internship, Unpaid, College Credit available

Job Description: As a marketing intern at NCTV, you will be planning and promoting events for the organization, creating social media posts, and finding ways to connect with the public. Learning about fundraising and seeking alternate sources of revenue as a nonprofit community media station will be the main focus.

Key Responsibilities: Help coordinate marketing strategies that will range from purposes of awareness to fundraising. Think of creative and fun ways we can bring the public into NCTV, and how we can help people realize the importance of the organization. 

Job Requirements: An interest in nonprofit marketing and fundraising, specifically for community media.

Education/Experience: Knowledge of different social media platforms, marketing, and event planning would be helpful, but is not required.

Physical Demands: Sitting, standing, occasionally lifting less than 50 lbs.