Create with NCTV

All you need is an idea! Want to be on camera or behind-the-scenes? We teach you everything there is to know to create your own local programming.

With a free membership, Norfolk residents (and surrounding communities) are encouraged to produce their own shows at our state-of-the-art studio in Norfolk center.

Take a look at some examples of what your neighbors are producing on the NCTV YouTube channel.

Our equipment and resources may be used for any purpose that fits any or all of the following criteria:

  • Not for profit: The video may not include a "call to action" of the viewer (no advertisements unless for a nonprofit organization!) and you may not receive compensation to create the program. Businesses are welcome to create educational or informative programming too!
  • Copyrighted Material: Material that belongs to someone else is not allowed unless you have written permission from the copyright holder or are using the material under the "fair use" label for education.
  • Libel or Slander: Libel, slander, or defamation of character are prohibited, along with all other illegal activities.
  • Mature Content: Mature content can be shown during safe-harbor (10pm - 5am) to an extent.

All other themes/topics are welcome! The more variety, the better!

Ready for more information? Contact us to set up a meeting with our staff to get all of your questions answered!

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Studio Production

Our members create a wide variety of content at our studio right in the heart of Norfolk, MA! Our state of the art studio is free to use for nonprofit purposes and includes high definition cameras and high quality audio equipment.

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Borrow Equipment

Do you have a media project idea but lack the proper equipment to make it happen? NCTV offers all types of video and audio equipment that you may borrow for a not-for-profit purpose!

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Promote Nonprofit

If you're a nonprofit looking to get the word out about your event, we have options for you! Click below to see the different ways you and your team can utilize NCTV's reach for your nonprofit event and organization.

Bring your ideas and NCTV will help make them come to life!