In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, tensions are running high across the nation. Whether you’re celebrating a victory, mourning defeat, or something in between, we want to take a minute to reach out to our Norfolk community and let you know that we support you. We support difference of opinion, freedom of speech, access to education, media literacy, collaboration, and standing up for what you believe. 

As a neutral nonprofit organization, our stance on the election boils down to these three things: 

  1. Everyone deserves respect. Everyone who walks through our doors is treated with respect and is expected to extend the same courtesy to our staff and fellow community members. The station is a place of safety for all, regardless of your views, identity, or anything else that makes you who you are. We are a community and that means working together despite our differences. 
  2. Stay informed and do your research. Mass media doesn’t always tell the whole story. Ask yourself what information is missing, who’s point of view is important to the discussion, and source the validity of the information provided. You are an active participant in what happens to this country and this community, whether you want to be or not. Even silence is a choice and has an impact. 
  3. You have a right to your opinion and your voice matters. Freedom of speech is essential to our country, our community, and our sanity. Trust your gut but have an open mind and find a form of expression that works for you. If you don’t agree with something, take an active role in countering the narrative. Utilizing the platform NCTV offers is only one of many routes you can take to voice your support or concern. 

We are a community. Support your neighbor both in times of triumph and despair. Our differences make us stronger and we are all responsible for the health and well-being of this beautiful place we call home.

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