Lately, here at Norfolk Community Television, we have been working on improving our studio. Whether it was dealing with aesthetics or the reorganization of furniture, we had a great time giving the studio a little makeover. 

A few months ago, we discussed the possibility of painting a few of our walls purple. After some serious discussions over the pros and cons of each shade of purple, a color was chosen! Then, we scheduled some time for taping and painting. One day for the edging and first coat and another day for the final coat.

Then, after the painting was complete, we reorganized the furniture a bit. We added a second chair to our entry area to make it more accessible to be a meeting or waiting area. We have also brought our calendar back to the wall it used to be on, only now it’s a monitor that displays our Google calendar. Underneath, there is a laptop where we can add your studio shoots, tech help time, etc. right before your eyes. From there, you’ll be able to see it on our calendar on the monitor above. 

We enjoyed making these improvements and have definitely enjoyed the results. The attendees of our Community Media Day open house last week seemed to enjoy the results as well! Thanks to everyone who came in to give a kind word! And if you haven’t seen improvements yet, come on down and check it out!

Thanks for reading and please enjoy this time-lapse video of us making all the aforementioned renovations!

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