AGB: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you found yourself interested in community TV.

JHL: My professional background includes high school science teacher and positions in international admissions/financial aid at Newbury College and Brandeis University. I’ve also coached Track&Field for all different ages, from elementary school to college. I have a BS in Secondary Education and a MEd in Counseling Psychology. Recently, I began doing some television commercial work in the greater Boston area and that is how I became aware and interested in Community TV.

        Jill Hindley Lawrence

       Jill Hindley Lawrence

AGB: What inspired you to host a show like “Our Town”?

JHL: I love the idea of combining the reporting of local events/organizations with a personal face-to-face interview. I think many people in town want to know what’s going on locally.

AGB: As the vice president of NCC’s board of directors, what do you see as NCTV’s most important role in the community?

JHL: I see NCTV as a platform for members of the community to express themselves to a local audience, be creative in TV production and/or learn something new. If Norfolk residents just stop by the Main Street studio they would see that everything needed to do this is at their fingertips!

AGB: What would you like to see in NCTV’s future?

JHL: In NCTV’s future I see many more individual shows with diverse topics. I think getting out the word on what NCTV has to offer the community is the key to more programming potential.

AGB: What is coming up next for you?

JHL: I am hoping to continue hosting Our Town throughout the next several years.  I would also like to take a camera operating class (at NCTV) to learn how to use it in the field.  Additionally, I’m excited about becoming a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteer in 2016.

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