TECH YOURSELF: The Wonders of Wunderlist

In our last edition of Tech Yourself, we talked about how Google Calendar changed how we work here at NCTV, with it’s many scheduling capabilities. Today we’ll look at another one of our beloved organizational tools, Wunderlist. So, what exactly is Wunderlist? Just by the name alone you can deduce that it is used for making lists. While that is true, it is also so much more than that! Let’s take a look at how Wunderlist’s features and how we apply them to our work.

To begin Wunderlist, all you have to do is go to their website or mobile app and sign up. Then all the listing possibilities will be open to you or whomever you share your list with! Looks like I just gave away one of the features already!

Once you’re signed in and on the website you will have a blank canvas before you, but that will all change once you click on the plus sign that says Create List. From there you can name your list and decide if you want to give anyone else access to your list. You can give people access by typing in their email address where prompted. It’s up to you as the creator of the list to decide how many people can view your list. Then you can choose whether or not you would like to receive notifications pertaining to the progress being made on your respective lists. Now, if this all sounds like it would just be easier to write things down on a piece of paper, stick with me. There’s more!

Once you have your list made you’ll see each item with a little box next to it. When you’re done you can check off that box and you’ll hear a very satisfying “DING” that will signify your completion of the task, along with it disappearing from your list. It is possible to show a list of completed tasks underneath your to-dos if you’d like to reminisce on all the work you’ve done. But what if your task is more complicated than just being 100% complete or 100% incomplete? Well, Wunderlist thought of that too. Within each to-do item there is another list! It’s there that you can add due dates, reminders, notes, files, and other subtasks. So if you have something you do that has five steps, you can list all five steps within the one to-do and check each subtask off as you go. The main task will act as a progress bar that will fill up as you complete each subtask. It’s a nice added visual keep track on how you’re doing. In addition to all those great features, you can also set due dates and reminders. From there you can decide if you want Wunderlist to warn you about your impending deadline or you can set different times for Wunderlist to remind you about your task. Those reminders will all come via email.

At NCTV, we have come to love Wunderlist and all of its useful features. It has been invaluable in helping us keep track of our many bulletins, goals, and programs. Speaking of which, we would love to have more lists in which to make more lists within lists… a “listception” if you will. So come on down and add your new program to our Wunderlist! If you have any questions or want to learn more about Wunderlist or Norfolk Community Television on the whole, please contact us by calling 508-520-2780, emailing, or checking out the rest of our website.  We always look forward to working with you!

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