Prepare for the May 6th Election with State & Local

State & Local producer and host, Anne Marie Battistone, has contacted all candidates in contested races for the upcoming Annual Town Election on May 6th. Anne Marie is committed to Norfolk and is eager to offer fair time for all candidates running in a contested race for the upcoming election. 


at the Freeman-Kennedy Elementary School from 7am – 8pm.  

Register to vote by APRIL 16th to be eligible to vote in the May 6th election.

Anne Marie has interviewed or is scheduled to interview the following candidates:

Gerry St. Amand, Moderator

David M. Rosenberg, Moderator

Jason Talerman, Moderator

Amy Lehan, Town Clerk

Carol Greene, Town Clerk

Dan Fallon, Constable

Glenn C. Hill, Incumbent Library Trustee

Mark E. Flaherty, Incumbent Constable (added 4/14/14)


The following candidates have chosen not to appear on the show:

Patricia M. McCarty, Library Trustee

Michael P. Guidice Jr., Norfolk School Committee


All other candidates have not yet responded to the invitation. 


The interviews for each contested race will show together on our channel and will be uploaded to YouTube for online viewing. In the interest of fair time for all candidates, the interviews will not be uploaded to YouTube until all candidates who have accepted an invitation to appear have been completed. Please check back often to see the updated list! 


Moderator – one 1 year term (contested)
David M. Rosenberg
Girard L. St Amand
Jason Talerman

Selectman – one 3 year term
Jeffrey T. Palumbo

Town Clerk – one 3 year term (contested)
Carol Greene
Amy D. Lehan

Assessor – one 3 year term
Patricia J. Salamone – incumbent

Board of Health – one 3 year term
Cheryl H. Dunnington – incumbent

Constable – one 3 year term
Paul H. Terrio – incumbent

Constable – one 2 year term (contested)
Mark E. Flaherty – incumbent
Daniel L. Fallon

King Philip School Committee – one 3 year term
write in

Library Trustee – one 3 year term (contested)
Glenn C. Hill – incumbent
Patricia M. McCarty

Norfolk School Committee – two 3 year terms (contested)
Paul Edward Cochran Jr.
Jeffrey R. Curry
Michael P. Guidice Jr.

Norfolk School Committee – one 2 year term
Thomas Francis Doyle – incumbent

Planning Board – two 3 year terms
Steven G. McClain
John A. Weddleton

Recreation Commission – two 3 year terms
Thomas F. Terpstra – incumbent
R. Kevin Doolin

Recreation Commission – two 2 year terms
Liza M. Carreiro
Todd A. Lindmark


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