Calling All Volunteers!

 Photo by Donna Jones

Photo by Donna Jones

Spring has sprung and Norfolk is almost in bloom! There is a beautiful bouquet of events coming up in our gorgeous town and what is a better way to celebrate than to film each of them?! That way, we can all reminisce about warmer days when our town is once again blanketed with glistening white snow. 

All skill levels are encouraged to come by NCTV and learn how to use the equipment. We are happy to teach brand new users as well as challenge more advanced users. Our simple tutorials for our consumer cameras can be as short as 5 minutes or as in depth as they need to be for you to feel comfortable with the equipment. Our prosumer cameras take a little more time to learn but can produce some very high quality video and audio recordings. There is no need to be afraid of the equipment, it’s really easy once you try it!

We are always looking for volunteers to film events in town and we happen to have a list of events right here! Some events would be accompanied by a seasoned volunteer or two (like Candidate’s Night and Town Meeting) but others can be done all on your own if you’re feeling up to it! 



4/26/14 – Friends of the Norfolk Public Library Book & Bake Sale (event runs 9am – 3pm at the DPW) see last year’s video

4/26/14 – Earth Day/Arbor Day (event runs 11am – 3pm at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary)

4/27/14 – 8th Annual Norfolk Runs 5K (first race starts at 9:30am – start next to Dunkin’ Donuts)

4/30/14 – Candidate’s Night (7pm at the Norfolk Middle School)

5/3/14 – Clean and Green Campaign (12 – 4pm at the Norfolk Grange and all around Norfolk)

5/4/14 – SADD Walk of Tears (9:30 am at Franklin High School)

5/7/14 – KP Percussion Night (7 pm at KP)

5/9/14 – Mother’s Day Tea and FK Band at the Senior Center (1:30pm at the Senior Center)

5/13/14 – Norfolk Town Meeting (7pm at the Norfolk Middle School) see November’s meeting

5/14/14 – KP Jazz Night (7pm – 10pm at KP)

5/17/14 – Garden Club of Norfolk Plant and Bake Sale (9am – 12pm on Town Hill)

5/17/14 – KP Pops Concert (doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm at KP)

5/22/14 – Freeman-Kennedy Advanced Band (7pm in Freeman-Kennedy gym) see a previous concert

5/26/14 – Memorial Day Parade (8am in Norfolk Center) see 2012’s video

6/5/14 – Freeman-Kennedy Beginner Band (7pm in Freeman-Kennedy gym) see a previous concert

6/7/14 – Norfolk Community Day (11am – 4pm on Myrtle Street) see last year’s video (includes Taylor’s Triumph)

6/7/14 – 2nd Annual Taylor’s Triumph Road Race (9am on Myrtle Street)

6/12/14 – Freeman-Kennedy Chorus Concert (7pm in Freeman-Kennedy Cafeteria) 

6/26/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Inspiration and the Bill McGoldrick Duo feat. Pamela Stiebler (6:30 pm on Town Hill)

7/3/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Southern Massachusetts Community Concert Band (6:30 pm on Town Hill) see last year’s concert

7/10/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Reminisants (6:30 pm on Town Hill) see last year’s concert

7/15/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Stacey Peasley (6:30 pm at the Norfolk Library)

7/17/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Soulidarity (6:30 pm on Town Hill)

7/24/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Jumpin’ Jaba (6:30 pm on Town Hill)

7/31/14 – Concert on Town Hill – The Locals (6:30 pm on Town Hill)

8/7/14 – Concert on Town Hill – Haywire (6:30pm on Town Hill)

Please note: this list does not indicate that all of these events will be filmed! If you want to see it on NCTV, please volunteer your time or ask your friends/organization members to volunteer. We are very much in need of volunteers who are interested in the technical side of a production. In addition to on location filming, we can use volunteers who want to edit, film in studio, and direct. Anyone 18+ is welcome to volunteer and minors are welcome with adult supervision. 

If you’re interested in filming ANY of these events or if you have an event you’d like to add to our “seeking volunteers” list, please contact us! You can use the form below to e-mail NCTV or call the station at (508) 520-2780. 


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